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Pet Shipping and Pet Transport Services


Animals Away has been shipping animals and providing pet transport services worldwide since 1992. At Animals Away, all of our pet shipping services are provided by our industry leading team of professionals who have over 50 years of combined industry expertise in dog shipping and pet shipping door to door worldwide. Because our domestic and international pet transport coordinators have been at the forefront of the pet shipping industry for over two decades, Animals Away was featured on Nat Geo Wild’s “We Move Animals.” Animals Away proudly remains the only pet relocation company in the entire world with this distinction to date. We are dedicated to satisfying all of our clients’ particular pet shipping needs. Animals Away has developed a world renowned reputation for convenience, reliability, and competence when it comes to handling our clients and their pets. What distinguishes Animals Away from other pet transport companies is our ability to combine stellar customer service with industry low pricing. Because of our high volume of pet moves, we are able to offer the very best price in the pet transport industry amongst our leading competitors while still providing a personalized pet shipping service that is second to none. Shipping animals is our only business and we take pride in providing an unmatched level of services for all of our clients’ and their precious pets.

We know shipping animals requires a personal touch. We recognize that each pet move is unique, and it brings our team tremendous satisfaction to effectively meet the particular pet shipping needs of our clients. We understand that our clients are looking for flexibility and economically conscious options when it comes to pet shipping services, and our team specializes in devising custom tailored plans to meet and exceed all of your pet shipping needs. Whether your move requires full service door to door pet shipping or is as simple as having us assist you with booking your pets’ flights, our team is happy to assist you in choosing the specific pet transport option that works best for you. We are continually updating our industry standards with the aim to please our clientele and to continue to provide the best experience when it comes to shipping animals anywhere in the entire world.

Domestic and International Pet transport Services We Provide

  • Door to door pet shipping services to all global destinations
  • Full Documentation & Paperwork Preparation for Domestic and International Pet Shipping to Any and All Countries
  • Boarding and Vet Services Worldwide
  • Proper Approved Travel Crate and Kennel sizes
  • Over 25 Years of Experience in the animal relocation industry
  • Unmatched Global Resources and Accommodations
  • Dog Shipping and Pet Shipping Services

    Here at Animals Away, our world-class pet shipping and animal transport services extend well beyond shipping dogs and cats; our team can move just about any breed or type of animal anywhere worldwide. As always, our team’s highest priority is to cost effectively meet the particular pet shipping needs of our clients while ensuring the relocation process is as easy and stress free as possible for them and their furry or feathered loved ones. Because clientele satisfaction is so important to us here at Animals Away, we handle each of our moves one at a time to ensure the specialized focus our clients deserve for their particular pet travel needs.

    If you are moving for work or you are shipping animals for any reason, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the transportation of your precious pet because you can trust Animals Away to get the job done right in a timely manner ensuring that your pet will be handled with his or her comfort, and most importantly, safety as our highest priority. Let our caring team members with over two decades of experience handle all of the planning for your dog, cat, or feathered family members’ safe travel anywhere.

    At Animals Away, all dog shipping and pet transport services are handled one at a time which allows us to focus on your pet’s individual travel needs. We have moved over 50,000 pets to countless destinations worldwide. With our experience and extensive global resources, we’re able to provide an unmatched level of personalized services that you know you can trust. Shipping animals can be challenging to navigate; there are many intricate rules and regulations that must be followed in order for your pet to gain entry into other countries. Whether you’re looking for international pet travel or moving a pet domestically, we have the resources to make your pet shipping experience easy and worry free. Give us a call or simply fill out the contact us form, and let us show you how easily we can take the stress out of moving your beloved furry or feathered family member anywhere in the world.

    At Animals Away, we are pet owners ourselves, so we know firsthand that pets are invaluable family members, and furthermore, that they need to be handled as such. Additionally, we understand the potential stresses of having to move a family pet and how crucially important it is to pick the right pet shipping service. Our team understands the importance of choosing a company that makes you feel comfortable, and like your pet is safe in good hands. Animals Away can assure you that if you choose to use our pet transport services, your pet will be in the best hands possible as we have had more success in the business of shipping animals than any company in the entire world. As always, our focus is to provide the highest level of pet shipping services for all of our clients’ animals while at the same time providing a superior level of customer service for our clients. Our Animals Away coordinators have the experience and knowledge to provide an unmatched level of pet transport service to any and all worldwide destinations. Contact us for more information on all of the varied pet shipping services we offer. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call for a fast, free pet shipping or pet transport quote worldwide. We are standing by and happy to help.

    Please visit our overview of pet shipping services page for more information on our worldwide pet moving services including general pet shipping requirements for entry into most foreign countries.


    Cancellation Policy

    *Once a move is booked, there is a nonrefundable $250 deposit due that comes off the total amount due. In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is forfeited.