Domestic and International Pet Transport Services Animals Away

At Animals Away we offer door to door pet shipping services worldwide. Our full service includes pick up from the starting location, the proper crates/kennels, a trip to the Vet for an exam, the Health Certificate or any Veterinary service document, all air travel planning, and the airfare. Below is an overview of the services that we provide, and the basic requirements for Domestic & International dog shipping and cat transport. Birds, and many exotic animals, may require special permits for entry in to certain countries. In some cases there is even a quarantine period here in the USA. Please contact us for more information on the services we offer for your particular pet move, and for the relocation of all other types of pets.

Dog Transport  & Cat Shipping General Requirements

  • Your pet must have an IATA travel approved shipping kennel with water bowls. Your pet must be able to stand up and turn around without slouching.
  • A health certificate dated within 10 days of travel is required for Domestic & International pet travel.
  • Never Sedate your Pet for Transport.
  • All needed documentation, kennels and transportation requirements are included in our Full door to door service. Contact us for more information on our domestic and international pet transport services.

Pet Transport Services

  • Home pickups and Deliveries Anywhere on the Globe
  • Complete Handling of all Pet Transport accommodations Worldwide with care
  • Domestic & International documentation, Health certificates or any Veterinary Service Document
  • Domestic and International Boarding Services
  • USDA Services
  • Consulate and Customs services Worldwide
  • All sizes of travel Airline IATA Approved Shipping kennels including custom crates and extender kits.
  • Handling of All Arrangements and Transport Planning with the Airlines
  • Services Made to Fit Your Individual Pet Relocation Needs
International Pet Shipping Requirements

A proof of rabies vaccination older than 30 days and less than one year is required for entry in to most Foreign countries. There are some countries with different requirements such as many Asian countries, New Zealand and Australia which require quarantine. Although Hawaii is considered as part of the USA, the preparation for entry to Hawaii is very similar to International requirements for many foreign countries. The U.K has changed its rules for entry as of January 2012, although there is no longer quarantine, there still are very specific guidelines to follow. Please Contact us for specific country requirements, this will be provided upon booking with us. We recommend that a USDA State veterinarian put his seal, on all pets traveling to foreign countries.

 Pet Transport Requirements for Domestic Travel

You must have proof of a current rabies vaccination for both dogs and cats as well as a Health certificate within 10 days of travel. We can supply all documentation, if needed, or a Vet of your choice can supply required documentation for you. Please note the date must be with in 10 days of travel after that time a new Domestic Health Certificate will need to be issued. The process for pet transport to Hawaii is very similar to international pet travel (see above).

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